The Last Centre

“The Last Centre” is not an answer. It is not solution. It is a quest, a quest of:
Who Am I?
What am I doing?
What the Purpose of my life is?
What is it that I really want?


Why go on the quest?

This quest is the fountain-head of joy, creativity and fulfillment of life. This entails in itself the mystery of warmth in relationships, clarity in perception, authenticity in self-expression and solace in silence of minds.

How do we do it?

We use tools and techniques drawn from ancient wisdom of the mankind to its modern scientific breakthroughs these techniques include audio/video, oral/written, cognitive & meditative exercises.

Where do we leave you?

The entire process is designed to leave you with a eureka experience that a scientist has when he discovers a new theory, an artist has when he finds his new inspiration, an author has when he finds the words finding their way through the paper and a sportman in the zone has when he hits the shot after shot bang on the target.

This program is about you having those “peak experiences” on-goingly in your life.

Who Owns it?

The Last Centre is a community. It is owned by all the practitioners of the techniques developed by the The Last Centre.

What "The Last Centre" is NOT?

What “The Last Centre” is NOT?
a religious group
an ideological group
a profit making entity