The Last Centre | About The Last Centre
An invitation to find the centre of Joy, Creativity and Fulfillment of "My Life". An approach through Gyan and Dhyan.
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An ever Growing & Expanding Ecstatic Experiential Vision of Life

Q: What The Last Centre stands for

A: Living life at the edge, liberated leading light, a conscious evolution.

Q: Philosophy 

A: The program offered by the Last Centre results in inspired individual, fulfilling families empowered communities and evolving cultures. The only thing The Last Centre is always interested in “ What’s Next”.

Q: Nature

A: Non profit - non religious organization

Q: activities

A: Conscious business & conscious community work

What TLC stands for as in community?

         ·   Socially responsible leadership
         ·   Harmony in community
         ·   Empowering the community in relationships
         ·   Inspiration for others
         ·   Bringing religion in synchronization with today’s reality
         ·   Contextualizing the religious discourse in the present paradigm
         ·   Creating a shared space of limitless inspiring possibilities in one’s life
         ·   As a stand for fulfilling and nurturing families
         ·   Forum for self expressed inspired individuals
         ·   Source of harmony is an empowered evolved community
         ·   Generating a life of constant culture, evolution and transformation
         ·   Responsible youth and contented seniors
         ·  Conscious relatedness as the vehicle of business, political, cultural, education, arts and sciences